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What We Do

Supply of new tables
Planned maintenance
Repairs and upgrades
Environmental disposal

Who Are Wagstaff School Furniture?

We started in 1989 maintaining school kitchen equipment for a large local authority. We were quickly asked to maintain their stock of table seating units.

Maintaining these tables became the primary service that the company provided – firstly ad hoc repairs, then moving up to offering annual maintenance contracts.

In 2006, believing that we could provide a better product than the ones we were maintaining prompted us to design our own dining tables.

We have supplied our tables throughout the UK, and also export our tables and stools to Europe.

What we specialise in

School Dining Tables

Our mobile folding cafeteria tables are the best quality choice for schools throughout the UK and Europe.

Our folding dining tables make best use of your space, quickly wheeling and folding out for lunch time, then just as quickly storing away to allow the hall to be used for another purpose.

Stools For Dining Tables

Our stools are keenly priced and will replace those on almost all table seating units.

Colours available are red, blue, green, yellow, purple, navy and black.

You can order as few as you need, or you can change the appearance of your tables with bright colours!


Our considerable experience means we are able to offer you a complete package in respect of folding dining tables.


We aim to ensure minimal or no harm at all to the environment through the provision of our our goods and services.